The Classes

All classes are held outside at various locations in the Surrey area. 
They are usually held Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 6pm and Saturday mornings, we hold some 
evening classes when light allows.


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Puppy Classes

A chance to socialise your pet with other dogs people introducing them to sheep, chickens, horses and a variety of fun exercises that will gently lead your dog onto more formal training

Socialisation Training Walks       

An opportunity for your dog to be trained in a natural environment, encountering and handling situations you would expect to come across during your own walks.
These walks are carefully selected to take you through some of the most beautiful and unspoilt Surrey countryside.

This offers an alternative, less formal but particularly beneficial type of training They last approximately 2 hours


Private Classes
These normally offer theory and practical work with in the one hour session.

Group Classes

These last for approximately 
2 hours and usually contain between 4 & 6 dogs, with 2 trainers present.
Standards and requirements differ therefore a large variety of classes are on offer