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01483 223025
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One of Sally's other passions is her love of  the game of bridge. This game provides many things, principally fun, mental agility and sociability. 

She offers tuition to beginners or those wishing to brush up their games. She teaches in partnership with Malcolm, who can assist more advanced players and those wishing to improve their partnerships for competition bridge.

It is a great way for individuals or groups of friends to improve their understanding of any aspect of the game and have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned.  Interested? Please contact Sally on 01483 223025 or email on sally@bad-dogs.co.uk

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We Offer

  • Consultations for dog owners with any
    problem concerning their dog

  • Training for responsible dog ownership

  • Puppy Consultations and classes

  • Small groups or individual classes

  • Socialisations and training walks

  • Roverbics (agility)

  • Remedial training

  • Gundog classes

  • All breeds and ages catered for

Sally Chandler

Canine Behaviour Therapist
    and Dog Trainer