The Classes

All classes are held outside at various locations in the Surrey area. 
They are usually held Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 6pm and Saturday mornings, we hold some 
evening classes when light allows.


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Specialised Classes

These include remedial work with horses, 
joggers and cyclists for example.

Gun Dog Classes       

This covers a wide range catering for the requirements of the individual and the 
varying abilities of the dog.
Giving the dog an opportunity to do the work these dogs were bred to do.



Between spring and autumn fun and agility
classes are held


General Notes

  • Classes are outdoors wellies if wet !!
  • Only one person should come with the dog unless otherwise specified.
  • Please bring treats (and a toy for puppies)
  • For the consultations please bring your dog on a lead and where possible pedigree.
  • Please park in the driveway
  • Hot weather is more likely to mean a class will be cancelled than cold, we do not work in extremes !
  • If you are concerned a class may be cancelled and we haven't contacted you please ring us.
  • When you book your class you will be informed of the meeting place.
  • Directions are available on a separate sheet